Procrastinating at its finest


Anna Valentic ’15

Cover Editor

Katelyn Widmer ‘15 hurries to finish homework from the day before.  Ty Gianakis '15

Katelyn Widmer ‘15 hurries to finish homework from the day before.
Ty Gianakis ’15




Winter break is all about sledding with friends, opening gifts with family members- and procrastinating. Procrastination by definition is the action of delaying or postponing something. Most students face procrastination around the holidays, because their minds are focused on everything but school. Students procrastinate all year round but it seems to increase when the holidays arrive.
“I always procrastinate around winter break, because I do not have time for school and my mind is on Christmas,” said Collin Kerpet ’15.
Most students have the same mind set as Kerpet around the holiday season and do not want to focus their attention on school work. Even teachers see procrastination in students around the long winter break.
“I definitely see a decrease in homework grades around winter break,” said Bobbie Agnello, Psychology teacher, especially in advanced placement courses such as AP Psychology.
“I procrastinate in my hardest classes like AP Literature and Anatomy,” said Katie McLaughlin ’15.
It may seem surprising to procrastinate in the hardest classes but almost everyone does it. Putting off the workload seems like a good idea until students realize how much work there actually is and how much must be completed in such a short amount of time, all due to procrastination.
It usually starts freshman year around winter break.
“Sometimes I completely put off my Algebra homework until five minutes before the hour,” said Andrea Alverson ’18.
The workload is much different in high school than it is in middle school and some freshmen deal with it by procrastinating.
“I procrastinate way more than I thought I would in freshmen year,” said Ryan Bauerburney ’18.
The transition from middle school to high school is not just a transition in schools, but also in the amount of homework the teachers give out. “Procrastination really affects grades around winter break. Most students’ grades will go down around the week before break,” said Agnello.
Students do not try to procrastinate, it just happens. They put off work until the very last minute and realize there’s more homework than what was expected. Homework around winter break and during winter really shows off the procrastination skills of all students.
Winter break is two full weeks long, leaving room for a bunch of procrastination while students are busy hanging out with friends and family. Homework is always the last thing on high school students’ minds while there is a break from school, especially when it’s Christmas.
Procrastination gets the best of all students around the holidays and this year will be no different.
“Always plan ahead and remember how good it feels to finish all of your work,” said Ann Merkel, counselor.
Students should think of how good it feels to get things done and to not wait until the very last minute.
“Always be honest with yourself, if you know you’re a horrible procrastinator, don’t procrastinate,” said Merkel.