Volunteering during the holidays

Quran Thomas ‘15

Online Editor

Helping out at the Special  Olympics is an opportunity for volunteering. Photo by Jena Amell

Helping out at the Special Olympics is an opportunity for volunteering.
Photo by Jena Amell



Providing food, clothing, or shoes during the holiday season is a way to help the less fortunate. Even though it would be best to help all year long, helping during the holidays is an opportunity for the less fortunate or homeless people to feel happiness. During these times, not everyone has family to visit, or even somewhere to spend the holidays.
Parents try to give their kids everything, but sometimes it is financially hard to provide all the things a child might want. Those who are struggling do not have the ability to provide for themselves let alone a child, so people who are financially stable can help them. Volunteering helps these people who can’t provide for themselves.
Ryan Black ‘15 said, “I have never volunteered during the holidays, but I probably should because I need the community service hours.”
Kara Hart ‘16 said, “I volunteered once during Christmas and I actually had a lot of fun. I met really nice people and made new friends.” Hart explained that she helped out at Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit. Hart said, “When I talked to some of the homeless people, they were really sweet and seemed to all have good stories of what they’ve seen on the streets.”
Some students volunteer to get community service hours, which is something every student needs, and others volunteer because they want to help others who really need it.
No matter what holiday, someone will always need help, which means that even when there is no holiday to help on, it will always be good to just find a way to help.
Heather Blanks, science teacher, said, “I mostly volunteer during the summer.”
Jena Amell, gym teacher, coaches the Special Olympics swimming team. When she was in high school she also volunteered, and that is why she continues to do so.
Amell said, “Their excitement and passion for sports is contagious.” When she sees the kids participating, they are happy no matter if they win or lose, she said.
Volunteering should not only be something done during holidays, but something done during one’s spare time. There are many agencies that require volunteers in the area, or check with the Community Service office for opportunities. Times get hard and others need help; it may not be a requirement, but it is something that should be done.