DIY-ing through the snow! Make gifts for loved ones with these easy ideas

Shellie Zamponi ‘15
Focus Editor

A finished hot/cold rice pack.  Photo by Shellie Zamponi ‘15

A finished hot/cold rice pack.
Photo by Shellie Zamponi ‘15

Pre-made fleece tie blankets are shown. Photo by Allison McGregor ‘15

Pre-made fleece tie blankets are shown.
Photo by Allison McGregor ‘15

Hot/cold Rice Pack: Incredibly useful. This can be heated up in the microwave or kept in the freezer to help cure aches and pains.
*Enlist grandma or mom’s help with sewing.
• 25 in. by 12 in. piece of fabric
• 10 in. ribbon
• Bag of uncooked rice
1. Lay out a piece of 25 in. x 12 in. fabric.
2. Fold the fabric in half, lengthwise, so that the printed sides face each other. Sew this into a tube with .5 in seam allowance.
3. With the tube turned right side out, fold one end of the tube inward about half an inch. Slip a 10 in. ribbon inside like a handle and pin into place. Sew into place
4. To ensure the rice does not all gather around the ends of the bag as it is being used, divide the tube into four equal sections.
5. Open the tube and pour uncooked rice into the first section. Just before it reaches its divided line, pin it closed at the one fourth mark, then sew into place. Repeat up until the fourth section.
6. To close section four, repeat step 3.
Fleece Tie Blankets: Perfect for anyone.
• 2-3 yards fleece fabric (two pieces)
• Scissors
1. Buy 2 pieces of fleece fabric each measuring 2-3 yards long.
2. Cut around the edges of the fleece to get rid of the curls and even out the edges.
3. Match the corners, and then cut 6 in. x 6 in. squares in each corner so it ties nicely.
4. Go around the blanket and cut 6 in. slits about 1 in. in width.
5. Begin tying the two slits together, but skip every 2 slits (this is meant to reduce stretching of the blanket). After the first round is finished, continue to tie the remaining slits.

Photo Coasters: Perfectly personalized.
• Sponge brush (available at craft stores)
• Mod Podge (a type of glue, available at craft stores)
• 4×4 tile (available at Lowes)
• Photo (or desired paper)
• Felt
• Fabric glue
• Acrylic, water-resistant spray
1. Using sponge brush, spread the Mod Podge in a thin layer on the entire tile. Immediately place your photo (or any desired paper) on the tile.
2. Mod Podge over the tile in the same fashion as before. Make sure all of the photo is covered
3. Add several coats, allowing the Mod Podge to dry in between.
4. Glue felt to the back of the tile with fabric glue. Allow it to dry.
5. Apply several coats of acrylic, water-resistant spray to the coaster, allowing it to dry between coats.