New year, new you! 2015 provides a fresh start for goal-setting

Dakota Phillips ‘15
Opinions Editor

One common New Year’s resolution is to get in better shape for which an elliptical machine and hand weights would come in handy.  Photo by Brian Crump ‘15

One common New Year’s resolution is to get in better shape for which an elliptical machine and hand weights would come in handy.
Photo by Brian Crump ‘15

“New Year, new me!” is an expression often heard at this time of year. After the holidays pass, people start preparing for
the new year. Lots of people set high standards and expectations when the new year rolls around.
Setting goals for the new year is typically a good thing for people to do. Even if they are not always tangible, it is good for people to have the incentive to better themselves. In life, people should always be moving forward and working upon improvement, and the new year is a perfect time to do that!
Common New Year’s resolutions fall in line with being more healthy: Working out, eating better foods, and quitting bad habits, like smoking. Also, budgeting money more effectively and doing better for others are popular goals adults set for the new year. High school students’ New Year’s resolutions may include improving their grades, balancing all of their activities more appropriately, and managing stress.
Sydney Horn ‘16 said, “After the new year starts, I want to work on getting my grades up. I think it’s a good time to work on that because you get a breather from school with Christmas break, so you can be more motivated when you come back to school in January.”
The key aspect to New Year’s resolutions is to not get discouraged! When trying to meet their goals, many people quickly lose faith in meeting their objective when their first few attempts do not go so well. It may be difficult, but remember: Hard work always pays off!
When asked about reaching past resolutions, Dwayne Howard ‘15 answered, “In the past I have tried to live a happier life and to generally just be a nice person.” released three psychological tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. The first tip is to only focus on one behavior at a time. Instead of setting one huge goal, maybe it would be more effective to target smaller, singular goals throughout the year.
Secondly, spread the word as to what your resolutions are. If your friends and family know what you are trying to achieve, they can provide you with an effective support system. Essentially, this makes it harder for a person to give up on themselves, because their friends and family will not.
Lastly, people should not get too upset if they waver while trying to reach their goals. It is still possible. Just keep trying!
Resolutions are possible to achieve. Life is full of fresh starts. Every day can be viewed as a new window of opportunity to improve your life. January first is just an easy date to set new goals. So take the new year as the ultimate fresh start! It is a brand new beginning, so take hold of it and make the most of it! New year, new you!