Aurasma, an app for teachers, helps students with studying and homework

Alli Parski ‘15

Copy editor

4 Stars

Technology is quickly advancing the way students learn.

Aurasma is one of the newest apps on the market that teachers are beginning to utilize in their classrooms. Aurasma allows teachers to put notes, reviews, and helpful homework problems into an app that allows their students to access it from their phones.

The app is specifically designed around the idea that students use their smart phones and tablets on a daily basis. Considering the idea that a majority of students live on their smart phones, this app encourages them to be able to find the help they need while doing homework.

Students nowadays respond to anything thas technology involved, so why not find ways to use it in classrooms effectively?

Jed Jones, a math teacher who uses the Aurasma app in his classroom, said, “This app engages students in online learning… an avenue that seems to motivate them more.”

Jones makes a very valid point. Students “Google” answers for homework online all the time, so why not put some helpful hints for students on an app they will use? It helps in motivating students to do that teacher’s homework if they know they can get some help along the way.

One interesting way Jones used the Aurasma app was by having his students take videos of themselves discussing their projects and putting the video on the app. The students did not have to take notes because they always had access to the videos of the other students’ projects.

Stephanie Moravcik ’18 said, “Using Aurasma is something different… we don’t have to sit and take notes all the time.”

Students lose interest sitting and while listening to lectures and taking notes in every academic class they attend, so whatever ways there are for teachers to mix it up will be helpful for the students.

Jones said, “[Aurasma] could become an interesting tool for teachers to begin using.”

If teachers find ways to implement this app into their everyday classes, students have the potential to learn much more effectively. The style of teaching is beginning to change and teachers need to adjust to their students. I would give this app four out of five stars.