Exciting concert experience with Danny Brown

Austin Williams ’15

Sports Editor

4 Stars

Danny Brown hypes the crowd at the Majestic Theater. Photo from realfeelstv.com

Danny Brown hypes the crowd at the Majestic Theater.
Photo from realfeelstv.com

On the day before Thanksgiving, most people are preparing to eat a massive feast. Except for about 2,000 people who chose to spend their night at the Danny Brown and Bruiser Brigade concert at the Majestic Theater in Detroit.

Brown is a local artist that was born and raised in downtown Detroit. Brown came from humble beginnings and was actually homeless for a few of his teen years. Although Brown did not grow up in the best environment, this did not stop Brown from starting an extraordinary rap career.

The concert consisted of three different DJs and four different rappers, each one opening for the headliner Brown. These various artists performed for the first four hours of the concert. The only issue with this is Majestic Theatre has no seating, it is standing room only, which made this four hours of dancing and partying a bit tiring.

When Danny Brown eventually came on, it was extremely hype. He is a natural performer and managed to get the worn out crowd to go crazy for another hour and a half. His performance skills were not hindered despite the fact that he was clearly intoxicated.

The highlights of his concert were the performances of his songs, “Dope Song,” “I Will”,” and “Break it (Go).” Every song brought energy to the crowd.

Brown is still an up and coming artist, but after this concert I would recommend to giving his music a listen. According to pigeonsandplanes.com, Danny Brown is the ninth best rapper to see in concert right now. After this concert, there is no reason to go against this claim. Danny Brown is absolutely great, and I would recommend that people see him if possible. I give this concert four out of five stars.