Williams’ Word: Skiing for winter entertainment


Austin William‘15
Sports Editor


The cold wind on your face and the sound of metal cutting through the snow as you slide through the powdered slopes. One of the best parts is that you have nothing to worry about besides making it to the bottom of the hill. This is skiing.
“Skiing is the closest thing to flying,” said Mitchell Peer ‘15.
Skiing has been a choice winter past time for Peer for the past seven years and for many other people as well.
Many people at LCN decide to take a drive to the many mountains all over Michigan. Sadly, Chesterfield is not in a snow belt, which means the nearest mountain, Pine Knob, is over an hour away.
When I think of winter, all I can imagine is spending all day on the mountain, and relaxing by the fire at the end of the day. Many people hate winter, but I believe that it is the best part of the year due to the fact that I can ski anytime I want.
There are ski resorts all over Michigan, including Mount Holly, Pine Knob, Boyne Highlands, and Schusch Mountain. All of these mountains have ski runs available for beginners all the way through the expert levels. Michigan is not known for great skiing, but this doesn’t stop people from being the best they can.
“Skiing is love, skiing is life,” said Alex Yancy ‘15 who has been skiing for 13 years now. Yancy tries to get up to any mountain he can as much as possible since his mom can often get him free skiing passes.
LCN used to be home to a Ski Club, but it was discontinued two years ago. Ski Club used to be something that many people looked forward to every Monday, but it had to be stopped after the advisor retired. This is upsetting news for many people, including myself.
When the winter months come around, many people get excited to be able to hit the slopes. If this winter is at all similar to last year’s, then it will be a great year for skiing. If you cannot seem to get ahold of me in these next few months, you will probably be able to find me on the slopes on one of the many ski mountains all over Michigan.

Austin Williams ‘15 is landing a jump while skiingdown Mount Holly. Photo by Alex Yancy ‘15

Austin Williams ‘15 is landing a jump while skiingdown Mount Holly.
Photo by Alex Yancy ‘15