Boys’ Swim Team is set for new season

Brian Crump ‘15

Entertainment Editor

Above is the LCN team during practice. Photo by Cara Smith ‘15

Above is the LCN team during practice.
Photo by Cara Smith ‘15

When thinking of big sports here, the main sports that come to mind are football, basketball, and volleyball. There are plenty more interesting sports, mainly swim. Math teacher Owensby leads and instructs the Boys’ Swim Team, and the season has already begun.

Just because swim is not a huge sport, that does not mean that it does not take some dedication. While there are no tryouts, Owensby does expect a certain level of commitment from the team. This means that while on the team, attending all practices and meets is required. Practice is held every day after school until 5:30 p.m., making for around 20 hours a week of training. Whether attending all practices and meets, which are mandatory, or training outside of practice, when a person commits to the team, he is going to be welcome.

Swim is not easy, however, it requires hard work and persistence.

“For the first few weeks of the season, the team will focus on swimming with proper technique. As the season progresses the team will switch from technique to endurance to interval training,” Coach Owensby said. This training will ask more of a person than one could think.

Of course, there are many benefits to participating in swim and training hard. The first being that swimming is a skill that is always good to know. Second, the strength that the training will bring, and the cardio workout it gives. Third, the overall teamwork skills and friendship that being on the team offers.

“Besides practicing and competing together for over 20 hours per week, the boys’ team plan all types of get-to-togethers, sometimes it is just a matter of going to breakfast after a morning practice, sometimes they have a video game night,” Owensby said.

When asked if the activity can be competitive, senior Nick De Ceuninck said, “Yes, but in a different way. You compete against yourself, to beat your old times and get faster. You just race with others for an extra challenge.” This may bring a sense of personal accomplishment, as well as some pride.

De Ceuninck said that practices begin easy but slowly get harder the more practices there are. With many different speeds and drills, one can expect to put in a lot of yards and laps in the pool. It is a lot of hard work but well worth it.

Overall, participating in swim is a great experience. From the cardio and strength training, to being with friends and competing against them. The practices and meets are things that those in swim will never forget.

Boys Swim Schedule

December 16, 4:30 p.m.–LCN vs Dakota @ Dakota

December 18, 3:30 p.m.–LCN vs Marysville @ LCN

January 6, 3:30 p.m.–LCN vs Stevenson @LCN

January 13, 3:30 p.m.–LCN vs Ford @ LCN

January 15, 3:30 p.m.–LCN vs GPN @ LCN

January 20, 4:15 p.m.–LCN vs IKE @ IKE

January 22, 3:30 p.m.–LCN vs Utica @ LCN

January 27, 4:40 p.m.–LCN vs Fraser @ Fraser

January 29, 3:30 p.m.–LCN vs Romeo @ LCN

February 3, 3:30 p.m.–LCN vs LC @ LCN

February 6, 4:00 p.m.–County Championship Meet Preliminaries

February 7, 9 a.m.–County Championship Meet

February 26, 4 p.m.–MAC White Division Championship Diving Preliminaries

February 27, 2:45 p.m.–MAC White Division Championship Preliminaries

February 28, 9:30 a.m.–MAC White Division Championship Finals

March 3, 3 p.m.–LCN Invitational