10 Last Minute DIY Gifts


Trying to get on your math teacher’s good side? DIY gift. Looking for approval from your boyfriend’s parents? DIY gift. Forgot to shop for the squad’s Secret Santa? DIY gift. Can’t remember the quadratic formula? DIY gift.

Basically, the answer to all of your problems is a DIY gift. They are cheap, easy, and fast (but unlike McDonald’s, they are memorable).

1. DIY Dotted Sharpie Mug







Remember how many markers you ruined making dots on your paper in kindergarten? Those skills can finally be put to good use! For this DIY, all you need is a coffee mug, oil-based paint pen, sticker, and oven. Click here to go to the tutorial!

2. Push Pin Canvas Art







You will love this easy DIY tutorial. It is as simple as printing out a stencil for your chosen word, tracing it onto a canvas, and putting in push pins. In under an hour, you will have a great piece of decor to give to your loved one.

3. Cookies in a Jar










Even the Grinch couldn’t pass up ready-to-go cookie ingredients! Just follow this tutorial and you will have a great gift in no time!

4. Emergency Chocolate








Are you having a holiday gift emergency? Then the emergency chocolate DIY is the gift for you! This tutorial might be a bit more complex than the others, but the outcome is well worth it.

5. State String Art








Do you have a friend who is heading off to college next year? Maybe you have a family member who moved outside of Michigan. Whatever the case, this state string art gift is bound to help with their homesickness.

6. Oreo’s Delights







From cookies to chocolate covered goodies, no one can resist holiday treats! Here is a tutorial to make gourmet-fashioned treats everyone will love.

7. Peppermint Sugar Scrub








This DIY is sweet! After the stressful holiday season, everyone will need a day to recuperate. This scrub is the perfect addition to a relaxing spa day.

8. Mason Jar Candles










Any home goods lover will think these candles are wicked cool. This DIY tutorial is definitely a cheaper and more meaningful route than picking up a candle in the store.

9. Christmas Light Sugar Cookies









Instead of bake n’ break cookies, make someone their very own make and decorate cookie box! The gift looks time consuming, yet this tutorial shows you just how quick and easy it really is.

10. Hot Cocoa Ornaments









This DIY is a decoration and drink all in one! It will look great on the tree, but even better in a mug.

The holiday season can be chaotic, so hopefully these last-minute DIY’s will make things a bit easier if you run out of time to go shopping. Happy holidays Crusaders!

Laurel Neitling ’16