Are you ready for the Oscars?


By: Matt Moskal ’16 – Reporter

Are you ready for this years winter dance??

LCN will be hosting an Oscar themed dance on February 27th 2016. The dance is $15.00 and will last from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm. This is like a second homecoming so wear your homecoming/Oscars attire. If you did not know, L’Anse Creuse Central is invited! Student Council is starting to prepare for this exciting event. Tickets will be sold at both LC and LCN starting the first week of second semester. If your date happens to be an LC student, no guest application is needed. At the dance, the winners of the school wide mock elections will also be announced.

We will be having a spirit week during the week leading up to the dance and an assembly on February 25th because both the Boys and Girls Basketball teams play at Central that night. Girls play at 5:00 pm  and Boys play at 6:00 pm .  These two games are very special because this is the annual Coaches Vs. Cancer event ; Creuses Vs. Cancer. the proceeds go to The American Cancer Society Get excited for this awesome event!