MST takes on Cali

By: Riley Garrett ’18

Every year MST takes a break from all their hard work and goes on a trip. This year they decided to head out west to Cali to visit Los Angeles and San Diego. Every person that got to experience this trip has done nothing but rave and rave about it, and I can’t blame them. When they first arrived at the LAX airport, the students of MST headed right to Universal to ride some rides; then, they got to wander around the City Walk and eat at Hard Rock Cafe. Through out the next five days of their trip, they got to visit Warner Bros. Studio, see the picture perfect views of San Diego, and go to the San Diego Zoo.

From the pictures and stories that I’ve heard, it sounds like a perfect trip. Not only did they get the opportunity to see Cali, but they got to be with some of their closest friends while doing it. The pictures and stories almost make me wish I would’ve done MST, but then again, not really.