The Vampire Diaries ends with Elena’s return

By: Kayla Chattinger ’17

On Friday, March 10th of 2017, one of the nations most beloved – and viewed- television programs came to an end. After eight successful seasons, The Vampire Diaries’ finale left many fans broken-hearted and wanting more.

Throughout the past seasons, producer and writer Julie Plec has kept fans entertained and devoted to the series through epic cliff hangers, epic loves, epic dangers, and epic actors.

After star Nina Dobrev’s exit after season six, many were worried the show wouldn’t survive; however, it managed to pull two more full seasons off.

The episodes leading up to the finale were, as fans are calling, ” just as good as the beginning seasons.” However, the final episode left the devoted fandom unhappy.

The episode revolved around the protagonist of the show trying to save their town, Mystic Falls, from burning from Hell fire. Their beloved town was in jeopardy thanks to the ultimate antagonist of the show, Katherine Pierce- played by  Nina Dobrev.

Eventhough the series built up a grand return of Elena Gilbert- also played by Nina Dobrev-,  the episode lacked a passionate reunion between Damon- played by Ian Somerholder-  and her. Their love was built up through eight seasons to be unstoppable, and all-consuming, only to end dry.

Elena’s reunion with other characters on the show were very fulfilling and pleasant; nevertheless, Elena Gilbert didn’t give the air time she deserved. Katherine, her arch nemesis, had more scenes and lines than the character the series was built on.

Despite these faults in Elena’s return,  the show overall was exhilarating. The episode contained cliff hangers,  it displayed the characters in intriguing manners, and overall tied up any loose ends the series had.

After an exciting first 30 minutes, the show ended with a tragic death of a main character. This death left both the characters on the show and the fans watching broken hearted.

In conclusion , the epic series , The Vampire Diaries, has come to an end: This end being mildly fulfilling and entirely dismaying.