Best Times to Hit Up Cedar Point

by Eric Ostling

The school year is almost over, and anxious students are all waiting to go do something with their time. Cedar Point is a big destination, being only about an hour and a half away – up to two hours, it’s dubbed as “the Roller Coaster Capital of the World.”

Avoiding waiting lines is the deciding factor in many people’s decision when it comes to planning a trip to Sandusky, but fear not, it’s easy to predict when the lines are going to be the shortest.

Ohio public schools recess for Summer on May 26th, this is the last day for all students and teachers. The week after this is statistically shown to be the week of the highest concentration of people in the park, this would be an example of a bad time to plan a trip. After that first week of Summer, the business draws to a lull, allowing the students who finish school in Michigan to begin filling the park for a couple of weeks.

A good time to plan a trip to the park (according to population maps) are weekdays during June, weekends are statistically bad times to go, considering the lack of business. July is a bad time to go all around, it’s recommended to purchase fast passes during this time. Ohio schools resume school during August, your best shot at getting in with no lines at all, is the first week of September before schools resume after Labor Day.

We hope this article helps you plan a successful trip to Cedar Point, and that you have fun doing so.