Time’s almost up!

By Shayna Schroeder ’17

Seniors! Our time at high school is almost up! 21 more days (weekends not included) and we will be out of here!

The idea of high school ending can either make someone tear up at the sheer thought, or want to celebrate (I’m  on this end of the spectrum). Leaving high school can be bitter sweet, not being able to see all of the same people everyday again. And this makes sense, we are attached to that routine, and going off to college or work, we won’t have our sense of comfort again! But, I’m excited to graduate for that reason! We get to make new friends, meet people who are just as interested and passionate in certain topics as us!

I will miss some things from high school, the main ones are my three favorite teachers. Ms. Kozian, Ms. Duffield, and Ms. Esshaki (my Holy Trinity), were the most influential teachers I’ve ever had and I’m so grateful to have been taught by them. But, while I will miss them, this does not make me sad about leaving high school, since I fully anticipate to keep in contact with my girlies. I am going to miss the easiness of high school, even though it doesn’t feel like it now. I’m going to oh so dearly miss not having to spend thousands of dollars on classes that I don’t want to be taking in the first place! So, while leaving high school is exciting, there are some things I’ll miss.