Bring your kid to PLAY day

By: Kayla Chattinger ’17

Today, Thursday April 27th, is national “bring your kid to work” day. LCN’s leadership class designed a fun-filled day for all the children who wanted to come see where their dad/mom/grandma/uncle ect. works.

The day began bright and early at 7:15 a.m., with the children getting to spend first hour with their family member watching them work.

Second hour, all of the children were placed with a “buddy” from the leadership class, whom which they would be with for the remainder of the day. The group came together for a group picture, and then shared a pancake breakfast (made by the Ms.McDonald’s Foods and Nutrition Class).

Third hour the kids had the choice to go swimming, or to play around in the open gym. Most of them chose to go to the pool, where there was a diving board open, a pool-basketball net, and pool toys for them to play with.

Lunch time! The group was served Marco’s pizza, along with ice cream for dessert. The movie Sing played in the room;therefore, the kids could enjoy “dinner” and a movie.

During fifth hour, the gym was opened once again and face painting was offered by LCN’S Advanced Drawing students.

Finally to end the long, exhausting,  crazy, entertaining, and fun-filled day, the kids got a chance to whip at a piÑata and make a mother’s day craft. Overall everyone enjoyed the day immensely, which you can see written on these kids and student’s faces in the pictures below.

IMG_2721 IMG_2722 IMG_2723 IMG_2724 IMG_2726 IMG_2728