AP Testing

Coming up is the week of AP testing. Every student who has a AP class has signed up and paid to take a final exam. AP tests are graded on a scale from one to five where a one and two are failing and a three and above are passing. Students register to take the AP test so they can earn college credit.
Colleges accept scores ranging from a three to a five and give a variety of credits depending on the score and the class. For students who get a three or above on a test they can earn up to eight credits. One AP test is $92 and one credit at a university is around $500. So if you get five credits for one test, then you save $2400. A ridiculous amount of money just for doing good on one test.
So if you’re looking to save lots of money for college consider taking AP classes in the future, or if you’re already enrolled, study hard!


By: Chloe Acker ’17