My First Day

Baylee Bowman Photo Editor ’17

Today, May 1st, 2017 is my last day of high school because of the Seniors Honors Project. I’m not really sure how to feel, it’s almost a bitter-sweet feeling. I’ve been waiting for this day all year, and I’m finally done with school. In all honesty, I most likely won’t miss it. I’ve been so ready to move on with my life for so long, and finally be able to see what the future holds for me. One thing that I will miss about high school is not having all the responsibilities I now will have when I enter college. This is a huge new step that I’m very excited for. If I could give any advice to underclassmen it would be to save all the petty drama. Its 100% way better your senior year when your whole class is close with each other, it definitely makes the time worth it.