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Staying Safe on Spring Break

Baylee Bowman ’17 Photo Editor Spring break is coming up very quickly. Everyone is counting down the days until they get a week off and if they’re lucky spend it somewhere other

Homecoming 2016

By: Photo Editor Baylee Bowman ’17 Homecoming weekend has just passed and let’s just say senior year homecoming really turned out to be the best homecoming so far. Between the well put

Six hour day, say what?

By: Shyanne Symons ’17 – Sports Editor As many have found out, LCPS has announced that it is switching the high school schedules to a six hour day rather than the normal

Important Dates for Seniors

The Class of 2016 will soon be saying goodbye to LCN. May 20, 2016 is the last day for seniors. Here is a list of all the important due dates of things

Sexting, Cyber-bullying, and Jail

This past Thursday, the underclassmen of LCN had a surprise assembly. Here they met Mrs. Cloud, the Chief Trial Attorney for the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office, who specializes in child homicides and sex crimes.

10 Last Minute DIY Gifts

Trying to get on your math teacher’s good side? DIY gift. Looking for approval from your boyfriend’s parents? DIY gift. Forgot to shop for the squad’s Secret Santa? DIY gift. Can’t remember

A look back at social media

Paige Pardee ‘15 Photographer Truth is. . .social media has become a big part of today’s society. Over the years, people migrated from one social media site to the next. All of

Dating old-school style

Shellie Zamponi ‘15 Focus Editor “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time, you ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog…” Welcome to the older decades of dating. Just imagine

Crusader Nation then and now

Miranda Rysiewicz ‘15 Photo Editor In January of 1975, a new high school was set to open: L’Anse Creuse North. The school was only a portion of its current size, and the

A flashback in fashion

Ashley Simone ‘15 Business Manager Take a moment and think back to your childhood. Think about the clothes your parents or guardians dressed you in, or the clothes you dressed yourself in.

Sledding season races off!

Abigail Donahue ‘15 Feature Editor Sledding hills in the Metro Detroit area: Sledding hill on Romeo Plank, Macomb, MI Sledding hill by Mt. Clemens Ice Arena, Mt. Clemens, MI Morton Mountain near

Escaping into the sun

Ashley Simone ‘15 Business Manager As the holidays roll in, the cold weather follows. Most want to escape the cold, but some would just like to leave their hometown and escape reality.

All aboard the Polar Express

Scott Bean ‘15 Reporter   “The thing about trains… it doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on,” said the conductor in the popular movie, “The Polar Express.”

Holidays bring family, football. . .FOOD

Cara Smith ‘15 Photographer Today when people think of Thanksgiving, a few things that come to mind include family, football, and FOOD! Thanksgiving brings family together just as it brought the Indians

Project X: ROTC program debuts at Pankow

Ty Gianakis ‘15 Photographer Thomas Kub, Costa, and J.B, throwing one massive party back in 2012 comes to mind when “project x” is mentioned. Although that’s what most people think of, for

Junior States Of America Club forms again

Erin Antosiek ‘16 Reporter “C’mon guys, do the right thing and join the club … the politics club,” said Joe Naniewicz. business teacher and co-sponsor of this group. Politics Club, better known

1 in 2000: Sadie Huggler to run a marathon

Jessie Perry ’15 Sports Editor Sadie Huggler ‘15 laces up her Nikes, turns on her iPod and hits the road, her feet taking her miles and miles away Huggler happens to have

Students jump into this year’s fall trends

Anna Valentic ’15 Cover Editor “Sweaters and boots are the best thing about fall, and I love making statements with my outfits when I walk down the hallways at school,” Scottie Falkenhagen

A look back in time Homecoming then and now

Olivia Browder ’15 News Editor Homecoming is a traditional event to welcome back alumni to the school. Homecoming literally means coming home. However, today the meaning of homecoming is a little different.

Seniors take the runway in the Wesner Show

Hannah Shier ‘14 Opinions Editor   Since 1999, a variety of seniors from different high schools have been dressed to impress in the popular Wesner Tuxedo fashion show. These hand-picked models range