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DPS: Whats Going On?

Only 3 out of 100 Detroit Public Schools are open as of today. Since Monday, 1,500 of Detroit Public School’s teachers have ‘called in sick’, quotations added because they called in sick

Make a difference this season

Dennis Keena ‘16 Photographer Every year when the holiday season rolls around, people are confronted with the question, “What do I want for Christmas?” However, some people may ask if they will

Different cultures celebrate unique holiday

Ellie Baguzis ‘16 Opinions Editor Winter is the season of celebration. While Christmas is the most widely-celebrated holiday by LCN students, it is not the only one. Students and staff come from

Considering college?

Alli Parski ‘15 Copy Editor College. That one word fills the thoughts of LCN students on a daily basis. College is their future, their new beginning, or the most nerve-racking choice they

Scoping for scholarships

Ellie Baguzis ‘16 Opinions Editor Most students rely on scholarship money in order to afford the college education they want. With tuition prices on the rise, students should take all of the

Fighting the Beast: Kozian takes on colon cancer

Brian Crump ’15 Entertainment Editor Cancer is a very scary word, and even more so to have to go through it. Newspaper, Journalism, and English 11 teacher Kim Kozian has been through

Fighting the Beast: O’Neal battles breast cancer

Hope is the thing with feathers…” Hope is the one, beautiful word tLCN counselor and Student Council adviser Lori O’Neal uses to describe her cancer experience. O’Neal’s story begins when her mother was

Fighting the Beast: Oleksiak fights melanoma

Miranda Rysiewicz  ’15 Photo Editor Cancer is a word that everybody fears, especially when it is affecting somebody you love. At the end of Summer 2013, Josh Oleksiak ’15 got news that

Stopping the growing trends

Shellie Zamponi ‘14 Focus Editor   Saying ‘no offense’ does not mean a phrase is not offensive; saying “it was just a joke” does not make it funny; excusing things does not

Diversity Club puts on a show

Shellie Zamponi ‘15 Focus Editor February tends to be the month celebrated with love-Valentine’s Day being at the center of it all. But many forget the other love that is spread during

LCN celebrates Black History Month

Jessie DiBattista ‘14 Copy Editor AND Maegan Donajkowski ‘14 Photographer   It started with a bus seat. As a woman entered a crowded bus in Montgomery, Alabama, on December 1, 1955, everything

Knitting club makes baby hats for infants

Adrianna Sputa ‘15 Online Editor   Stay alert this winter! LCN’s knitting club has been asked by a coordinator of The Period of PURPLE Crying to help their program this holiday season.

Leadership class ‘pays it forward’

Jessie DiBattista ‘14 Copy Editor   It’s 13 degrees outside, the wind is blowing in the crowded streets of Detroit, and people are hustling and bustling to buy presents for their loved

Make a Difference helps out people in need

Adrianna Sputa ‘15 Online Editor   Make a Difference Club is getting into the holiday spirit once again! This club was started a few years ago by a new student who struggled

The flip side of teenagers: Facing eating disorders

Dakota Phillips ‘15 News Editior   Eating disorders affect many more people than one might suspect. Over 50 percent of teenage girls and 33 percent of teenage boys use unhealthy eating behaviors

The homecoming experience

  Shellie Zamponi ‘15   Focus Editor   The homecoming experience- it’s a little different for everyone. There are the girls who dream of the magical night, the guys who are excited

Getting to know the 2013 court

  Kirstin Jett ‘14   Copy Editor   Richard Petty “I’ll give everyone who voted for me a solo concert,” Petty said. Petty enjoys spending his days sleeping, eating, and singing. He