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My First Day

Baylee Bowman Photo Editor ’17 Today, May 1st, 2017 is my last day of high school because of the Seniors Honors Project. I’m not really sure how to feel, it’s almost a

AP Testing

Coming up is the week of AP testing. Every student who has a AP class has signed up and paid to take a final exam. AP tests are graded on a scale

Bring your kid to PLAY day

By: Kayla Chattinger ’17 Today, Thursday April 27th, is national “bring your kid to work” day. LCN’s leadership class designed a fun-filled day for all the children who wanted to come see

Time’s almost up!

By Shayna Schroeder ’17 Seniors! Our time at high school is almost up! 21 more days (weekends not included) and we will be out of here! The idea of high school ending

Best Times to Hit Up Cedar Point

by Eric Ostling The school year is almost over, and anxious students are all waiting to go do something with their time. Cedar Point is a big destination, being only about an

Repeating high school in college

By: Shayna Schroeder As of March 18th, 2017, seniors of LCN have 67 days left of high school. After that, we have a summer to hang out with our high school peers

These pets look just like food!

A parrot or guacamole??           Puppy or plate of  pasta???             Pug or turkey dinner???               This

Saving Money

By: Autumn Frieze ’17 Many high school students work part time jobs after school and on the weekends.  The average hourly wage for teens is from $7.50 to $10.00, and gives teens

Can Michigan build roads that lasts longer?

The Michigan Department of Transportation is trying something a little new this year when reconstructing our roads. Genesse and Kent counties will be apart of this years road experiment . Most roads

College Basketball

Matt Alanskas ’17: Online Editor As the month of March approached on us, college basketball fans thought one thing and one thing only, March Madness. Before the madness begins, the conference tournaments

MST takes on Cali

By: Riley Garrett ’18 Every year MST takes a break from all their hard work and goes on a trip. This year they decided to head out west to Cali to visit

Trumps speech to congress

Ben Sassin ’17 sports editor, February 28th was the day that President Trump gave a glorious speech to congress. Trump started off talking about his accomplishments so far in the first month

LCN @ The Palace

By Delaney Nichols ’18 Reporter This past Sunday the LCN boys basketball team traveled to the Palace of Auburn Hills to face off against L’Anse Creuse. Our fellow crusaders struggled and lost

Global Warming

Amanda Tomlinson’17: Reporter   The past couple weeks have been very different. The weather has been in the 60’s and then back down to the 30’s. Although the weather and sunshine feel

President’s Day

By: Rachel Kircus ’17 Yesterday was National President’s Day.  President’s day was originally designed as a celebration of George Washington’s birthdate, making it the first national holiday which honored an individual.  Typically,

A day and a half?

Kayla Chattinger ’17 One word to describe mid-winter break: joke. Last year, just as years prior, L’Anse Creuse Public Schools gave two days off for break (Friday and Monday). Even then it

Make America Ill-informed Again?

By Shayna Schroeder ’17, opinions editor Changes to the White House website appeared almost immediately after President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. The changes include taking down the pages regarding

Valentine’s Day alone

Today, February 14th, is Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. It’s a time to spend with your significant other and remind them of how much you love and appreciate

Bullies in High School?

Autumn Frieze ’17 You would think by the age of 14 that adolescents would have a grasp on how to treat others.  Yet, through high school, even with seniors, there are recurrent situations where people

LCN vs LC basketball

Alexis Zak ’17 Reporter The L’Anse Creuse High School and L’Anse Creuse High School North varsity basketball teams are squaring off at The Palace of Auburn Hills. This event is taking place