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The End of the Year

Amanda Tomlinson ’17 It’s finally May. The last month of school. After spring break I feel like everything has flew by and its not going to slow down anytime soon. After the

Summer 2017

Amanda Tomlinson ’17- Reporter I am very excited for summer. Not only because of the nice weather but because I want this to be the best summer yet. I am ready for

Seniors Honors Project

Baylee Bowman ’17 – Photo Editor   Lanse Creuse North has the opportunity for all seniors with a GPA of a 3.5 or higher, to participate in the Seniors Honors Project. The Senior


By: Madelyn Cooper Reporter ’17   Everyone has their own opinions of L’Anse Creuse North. Personally, my opinion isn’t that great. I think LCN has a lot of unfair administration and staff

Stressed Teens

By Baylee Bowman Photo Editor ’17 How stressed out are you? I feel like stress is such a problem with teenagers. If you really think about it us teens have a lot

P.D.A at School

Morgan Sputa ’19     One of the things I see in the hallway on a daily basis is couples standing in corners or at lockers kissing and hugging. I’m not saying you

Study Hard

By: Rachel Kircus ’17 When in high school, there are many activities you want to participate in, events such as; football games, school dances, pep rallies, etc. But before you start to

Best Friend Stealer

By: Baylee Bowman Doesn’t it suck when your best friend gets a boyfriend and then ditches you for four days straight? Yes. It does suck, because its happening to me right now.

Thanksgiving dinner

Gavin McHugh ’17 News Editor With Thanksgiving just over a week away, many people are starting to make decisions about what they will make for Thanksgiving dinner. Parents are frantically trying to


Business Manager: Connor Dailey ’17 As the ballots begin to pile in it is certain that Donald Trump will become the president of the United States of America.  America deserves change and

Coffee Addiction

Madelyn Cooper’17: reporter Hi my name is Madelyn and I am addicted to coffee. America as a whole has become extremely sleep deprived. Caffeine is a necessity, especially for any high school

Senioritis It Real

Baylee Bowman’17 Photo Editor Senioritis: when a senior just can’t do it no more. Some might think being a senior is one of the easiest years of high school. FALSE.  It’s actually

Must see Halloween movies

By Reporter Alexis Zak ’17 Fall is the perfect season for cuddling up with a soft blanket on a comfy couch and watching movies. Since it is the fall season, Halloween movies

Review: Kanye West Concert (listeners point of view)

By Reviews Editor Rachel Kircus ’17 On September 28th, 2016, Kanye West completely sold out the Joe Louis Arena with one of his Saint Pablo shows. The Life of Pablo is Kanye West’s

Vandalism or childish tantrum?

By Shayna Schroeder ’17 As I’m sure most students have heard, LCN was vandalized with black spray paint and vulgar language. This type of behavior is childish and whatever “activism” this student(s)

The common killer of a healthy mindset

By: Shyanne Symons ’17 Dieting and being health-savvy has been all the rage in recent years, and it is only gaining popularity as time goes on. While it’s cool and all to

Why you should kick the tanning bed before you kick the can

By: Shyanne Symons ’17 As the chilly months begin and the summer tans begin to fade, it seems like teens panic at the sight of being pale. C’mon, guys. Did you really

Fake Friday: What to do when your friends are fake

By: Shyanne Symons ’17 and Shelby Stanton ’17 Have you ever been backstabbed, mistreated, left out on the curb by your “friends”? We have too. We’re here to relate to you and

Why Bernie Sanders appeals to young voters

By: Shyanne Symons ’17 Between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, it’s no secret that Sanders is the leading democratic candidate to the younger crowds. I, personally, do not understand why. Everyone is

What’s with the hype of avocados?

By: Shyanne Symons ’17   In case you didn’t already hear, avocados are the newest “clean-eating” staple of 2016. From the guacamole obsession to the breakfast-revolutionizing avocado toast. Sure, there are a few