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Review: Get Out

Madelyn Cooper ’17- Reporter This horror movie laced with intense racial tension, presented by comedian and debuting director Jordan Peele, takes you by utter surprise. The ratings on this film hit it out of the park, achieving 99%

The Vampire Diaries ends with Elena’s return

By: Kayla Chattinger ’17 On Friday, March 10th of 2017, one of the nations most beloved – and viewed- television programs came to an end. After eight successful seasons, The Vampire Diaries’ finale left

J Cole Album- Review

By: Rachel Kircus ’17    Hip hop recording artist, Jermaine Lamarr Cole, known as J. Cole, recently came out with a new album, “4 Your Eyez Only”. Cole describes on this album

Review: Magnificent Coloring Day

By: Madelyn Cooper- Feature Editor Saturday, September 24th was truly a magnificent coloring day.  Chance The Rapper broke the record of sales at the U.S. Cellular baseball stadium, fitting more than 44,000

Review: Kanye West Concert (listeners point of view)

By Reviews Editor Rachel Kircus ’17 On September 28th, 2016, Kanye West completely sold out the Joe Louis Arena with one of his Saint Pablo shows. The Life of Pablo is Kanye West’s

“10 Cloverfield Lane” Review

By Miya Leykauf ’16   Eight years after the release of the movie “Cloverfield,” J.J. Abrams pleased fans with a new perspective on the situation in a movie named “10 Cloverfield Lane.”   After

Marianas Trench Concert Review

On February 12, 2015, the Canadian, pop-rock group, Marianas Trench, rocked-out The Fillmore in downtown Detroit.

Exciting concert experience with Danny Brown

Austin Williams ’15 Sports Editor 4 Stars On the day before Thanksgiving, most people are preparing to eat a massive feast. Except for about 2,000 people who chose to spend their night

“Red Band Society” will cure your boredom

Paige Pardee ‘15 Photographer 4 Stars “Red Band Society” is a television series that focuses on a group of teenagers living together as patients in the pediatric ward of a hospital. This

“Birdman” soars at the cinema

Jacob Stocking ‘15 Reviews editor 4 Stars Ever get tired of seeing the same generic movies at the theater? Do you long for something that’s just a little bit different from the

Aurasma, an app for teachers, helps students with studying and homework

Alli Parski ‘15 Copy editor 4 Stars Technology is quickly advancing the way students learn. Aurasma is one of the newest apps on the market that teachers are beginning to utilize in

“1989” has ‘swiftly’ become a classic

Adrianna Sputa ‘15 Editor-in-Chief “It’s a new soundtrack, I could dance to this beat forevermore,” Taylor Swift sings in her song “Welcome to New York.” This future chart-topper from her new CD

“Nightcrawler” is provocative

Jacob Stocking ’15 Reviews Editor Nightcrawler” is the directorial debut of longtime screenwriter Dan Gilroy. The title refers to “nightcrawlers”, news journalists who prowl the city at night looking to document crime

‘Watt’ is up with this app?

Laurel Neitling ‘16 Copy editor Wattpad is an innovative platform for aspiring writers and avid readers. Undiscovered writers are given an opportunity to share their writing and receive feedback from the readers.

“American Horror Story” is freakishly good

Paige Pardee ‘15 Photographer A collection of stories that focus on different characters and locations is called “American Horror Story.” This series has had many locations including a haunted house, an insane

Is Songza useful? App-solutely

Scott Bean ’15 Reporter Everyone has those moments where they are in a certain mood but just cannot find the right song to match it. This is where the Songza app would

Eleanor and Park is endearing

Dakota Phillips ’15 Opinions Editor There is always the classic story of the misfit girl who falls in love with the popular guy, but the story of Eleanor and Park does not

Ed Sheeran: an X-cellent night

Laurel Neiting ’16 Copy Editor Ellie Buguzis ’16 Opinions Editor The deafening shrieks of teenage girls filled The Palace of Auburn Hills on September 17. Ed Sheeran was only moments from entering

Viewers find summer TV show to be intriguing

Alli Parski ’15 Copy Editor Is it possible for life to ever be normal after finding out you were kidnapped at the age of three? “Finding Carter” is a TV series seen

Songza App

Scott Bean ‘15 Reporter Everyone has those moments where they are in a certain mood but just cannot find the right song to match it. This is where the Songza app would